“Dan Thank you so much for your help with Truliant Federal Credit Union closing electronic mortgage loans. From the very first time we talked, you have offered such great service and advice. You clearly are an industry expert and can explain the process in layman’s terms as well. Your common sense get it done approach helped us tremendously. We would not have been able to obtain all the necessary approvals and execute on an eClosing so quickly and efficiently without your help. I would highly recommend you to any company looking into eClosings. Look forward to many more closings with you”

Beth P. Eller

Vice President Mortgage Lending, Truliant Federal Credit Union

Dan helped guide us on our eClosing journey, clearing the path and showing us a simple, step-by-by process for getting us out of the starting blocks and across the finish line. Highly recommend him.”

Jeff Reeves

President and CTO, Canopy Mortgage

Dan, it has been a pleasure working with you and getting a chance to soak up some of your amazing

knowledge. Your company has been an integral part of the industry transition from paper closing to E-Closing. Your knowledge of this space is impressive. I am thankful to have you as a resource as we continue our journey in this space. Thank you!

Chrissy Brown

CMB, AMP, CRU, Chief Lending Officer

Dan has worked diligently with Mid America Mortgage over many years as an advocate and supported Digital Transformation advancement providing insights, support, and interaction with our various counterparties.  Dan worked with us tirelessly to assist MAM in blazing a trail in digital mortgages.  Dan will work tirelessly with you and your organization towards the future of the Mortgage Industry as well I am certain.

Jeff Bode

President & Owner, Mid America Mortgage