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Dan McGrew – Partner

Dan is a Partner with Elite Digital Mortgage Consulting; he has focused his efforts the last 8 years in eClosing. This focus involves helping lenders move from a paper based closing process to electronic. He guides lenders through the process of learning how to execute Hybrid eClosings as well as getting his customers set up to produce eNotes. This involves helping in setup with MERS, Secondary Partners, eNote/eVault setup as well as the ability to perform RON closings. He specializes in not only solving for the necessary technical solutions to complete any type of electronic closing the lender chooses; but also works closely with the lender to accomplish internal and external adoption.

Dan has over 30 years in the software consulting business with a heavy emphasis on change management. Prior to Elite Digital Dan spent 5 years with Pavaso as COO/Sr Vice President of Sales.


Ronald T. Crowe, AMP – Partner

Ron is a native of Baltimore, Maryland; lived in Metro Atlanta after moving there a number of years ago, he currently lives in McCalla, AL with his Wife Susan (Who had her own Mortgage Banking Career) and has been an independent consultant for many years, his daughter Darby is also in the banking business also who lives and works in Alabama also.

With nearly 40 years in the Mortgage Industry, Ron has worked with Bank owned Mortgage Companies, Independent Mortgage Companies; one of the GSE’s as well as an outsourcing firm over the years beginning his career in the 1980’s.

His expertise in the Mortgage Industry ranges from Mortgage Loan Servicing to Regulatory Compliance and Training in person as well as virtually with these various organizations in Collections, Foreclosure; REO and Loss Mitigation as well as Quality Control, Compliance and Audit roles as well as Sales and Relationship Management

Most recently he was with a Industry Utility (MERS for 22 plus years) formed to eliminate a single piece of paper which once streamlined has saved the Mortgage Industry hundreds of millions dollars enhancing the ability to reduce costs and improve fungibility conducting transactions in the Mortgage Markets.

Since 2004 his major focus has been to move an antiquated paper based methodology to a digital transaction moving to work with clients establish their business and use cases for digitizing the mortgage loan process.

Facilitating the ability to be more agile and relevant as the Mortgage Industry ramps to scale it’s movement to value added, customer based and cost / time reduction modeling of the mortgage loan process from the tip of the spear Loan Origination through Investor Delivery/Loan Servicing leading to higher production volumes and reduced costs focusing on closing more loans with less errors.

The Customer is everything, they will vary depending on many factors with different goals and objectives; understanding these things will deliver results that the client is looking for defined by them working with their facilitator; Ron’s mantra is and has always been “Change is the only constant, we are either part of the change or the part that get’s changed and we must choose wisely.