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During this phase, we will conduct a two day on-site series of meetings with stakeholders, who may include executives, operations personnel,  and one or two key LO’s.  We will interview all stakeholders to understand their current environment and workflow and assess the current status of the organization.  We will work diligently to understand the company culture, which impacts long-term success more than the actual software chosen.  After the assessment phase is completed, we will provide a recommended roadmap for stakeholders to follow in the journey toward a first class digital environment.


During this phase, we will serve stakeholders as the “quarterback” in dealing with the selected vendors.  We will introduce a minimum of two vendors in each category and coordinate all meetings and demonstrations with vendors.  We will provide you with the pros and cons of each vendor and ultimately provide a recommendation of the best software/vendor solution for your particular environment.  We can be as involved in this phase as the lender chooses, even negotiating contractual terms and pricing through contract execution. 

Project Management

During this phase, we will serve as the Project Manager to ensure that all vendors meet the established deliverables and timelines.  Depending on the software selected and the timelines established, this can be the most challenging phase of a new implementation.  We will be the driver, keeping your project on track and staying engaged until all software is implemented and, in your opinion, operating successfully.

Loan Officer Training & Education

During this phase, we will provide education and training to your LO’s to ensure efficient adoption of the newly-implemented solution.