Digital Mortage

Lenders want a seamless workflow and borrowers/members want a quick and easy application and closing experience


There are several excellent POS products available. Depending on how robust of an application/approval process you are looking to provide, Elite has relationships with POS providers that offer tools/products that improve the process for you and the borrower.


Processes by which application for a mortgage, acceptance of terms have evolved to allow for electronic or digital signatures of documentation; eSignatures have been a legally accepted practice since 2000 with the passage of UETA “Uniform Electronic Transaction Act” and ESIGN “Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act”.

Electronic signatures as in wet ink signatures are valid only if each party intended to sign, whether applying for a loan, accepting and executing documents as well as authorizing fees associated with the mortgage loan process the act of electronically consenting / executing documents is as common as going to the grocery store and electronically agreeing to payment for products and services.

Whether your organization has a POS “Point of Sale” solution in place and or still using a wet inked signed process moving to a strategy to deploy eConsent would be a logical and valuable step to eClosings we should discuss this as part of your Digital Transformation Strategy.


eClosing is our core strength. We have deep experience in this area and can help you chose the best platform for your environment as well as guide you, through the implementation. Most importantly we possess the knowledge and experience to help you and your organization manage this change in process both internally and externally, ultimately helping you gain adoption of your new technology and process.


eNotes are the future of the mortgage industry. They provide a more secure note with a tamper evident seal; which cannot be lost or misplaced. Producing eNotes improves efficiency in your back office and ultimately can improve your profitability. Elite has the expertise to facilitate agreements with necessary secondary partners/MERS required to sell eNotes.